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Free Spirits enjoy our Concept 2 with the camaraderie and motivation that comes from being part of an online community. Our ethos is to have fun whilst training on the erg. It doesn't matter how much or little anyone rows, or whether you prefer distance work or sprints. There is something for all. Age is irrelevant. Nobody will tell you what you must do but we warn you that participation can get addictive with our members participating in many challenges during the season.

Part of club life is participation in and discussion of the Nonathlon which is why we built this tool for all to enjoy and use to fine tune your Nonathlon effort and reminisce about seasons gone by.

Season Points 500 1k 2k 5k 6k 10k 30 60 HM FM + Avg.
2015 7313 796 808 812 828 801 799 832 824 813 0 813
2016 7288 717 816 821 826 823 834 836 798 817 0 810
2017 6818 895 881 853 849 826 848 833 833 0 852
2018 7516 869 825 827 834 839 842 852 810 818 0 835
2019 7799 878 875 858 860 871 864 876 866 851 0 867
2020 7755 845 896 875 855 857 844 861 856 866 0 862
2021 8059 895 909 897 905 901 902 877 881 892 0 895
2022 4321 844 899 859 830 889 0 864
Score Colour Gradient

The table shows all of a rower's scores for every event in every year they have rowed. Use the buttons on the right of the table to colour code the results on an orange-yellow-light green-green-blue-purple scale showing low->high scores or low->high performance compared to the average score for that year.

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Interesting facts

Best Season - 2021
Best Score - 909 points in the 1k in the 2021 season
Best overall event - 1k with an average score of 859

All seasons

This chart shows all of the performances for every year that the rower has entered a score for that event.
You can see from this data trends over years within each event and alse trends across years.

Radar Chart
Radar Chart
Radar Chart

The radar graphs show performance for the current season and last season. Using a radar graph makes it easy to see where performance has dipped for any event or type (sprint, mid-distance, long-distance) of event. A nice smooth shape shows you have been pretty consistent across all events. Some rowers may see a 'spiral' effect if they have a strong bias towards short or long distances. The final radar shows a comparison of the last two seasons on the same axis.

(Note that the individual season radars have an axis that scales to accomodate the scores for that year, making reading across years a bit tricky.)

All of the data above is based upon the rower name that was used this season. If a rower has used other names in the past, they just need to drop me an email and I can set the system to look for those names too and collate them for you (unfortunately the '#psychic_powers plugin is not working right now). You can contact me Please let me know if there are any features that you would like to see and any issues that you encounter. Finally, many thanks to Paul Harris and Andy Nield for keeping the Nonathlon alive and well.