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Re: About slides

Post by duffyoz »

Well 167 responses from a facebook group is hardly indicative of all people who participate in the CTC. Using slides in the CTC is hardly giving someone world domination for an event that has no prizes except bragging rights. Then again certain people I note of late, not in this forum, are fond of bragging rights. A bigger issue is surely the possibility of sprint kings/Queens using PED's.

It concerns me now, that I have also seen a push for not allowing virtual entries at WRIC in 2023. Unless they got a very large participation then is it really valid. There are still only 15 virtual spots and anyone that actually registers to go live and turns up can compete anyway. It would be prohibitively expensive for me to head north of the equator for such an event on a yearly basis. Once in a lifetime maybe.

My 2cents worth
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Re: About slides

Post by paulgould »

I'm not too fussed either way - I missed the vote but if pushed I would probably voted against slides - slides give an advantage over the short stuff and while I'm not competitive in the CTC there are those who are, and they would be disadvantaged on a standard set-up against those using slides - also there is limited access to slides for most of the erging population.
As I've said, it's a bit of a storm in a teacup, but I would rather see a level playing field.
Insofar as the Skierg goes, times are slower, and there is a separate team for SkiErgers in the CTC, so a non-issue in my eyes.
Two-thirds majority, even on a relatively small polled sample, is quite comprehensive.
Just my opinion.

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Re: About slides

Post by Claudius »

There was a reaction to the votes, I found this idea very reasonable, practicable and wise :idea: :

My personal view, in the interests of inclusivity, is that there should be exemptions for medical or other physical problems. Nobody who is going to feature in the top twenty, let's say, individuals on the leaderboard or occupy a top boat should use slides. I would hate to think that any regular CTC competitors in more lowly positions would feel excluded by this new rule. (from https://www.c2forum.com/viewtopic.php?f ... 10#p556488 )
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Re: About slides

Post by obirobsan »

I like that approach - exclusivity should win except at the highest tier of competitiveness where I could see the importance of the “level playing field”.

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