Just rowing - or other regular cardio?

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Just rowing - or other regular cardio?

Post by paulgould »

I am interested in finding out what other forms of regular cardio exercise people do as a supplementary workout, and if those workouts are complementary to rowing.

I have managed to overcome my initial trepidation about getting back into the pool after last year's CA.
I have been doing 3 x 45 min sessions a week since August, and with the weight loss since my previous swimming incarnation I am actually swimming quicker(although still slow). I am now able to breathe bi-laterally for a full 2k session(breathing every 3rd stroke) - I am finding that my upper body(in particular the shoulders, triceps and lats) has got stronger, and I am feeling the benefits on the rower as my rowing is rather upper-body centric already.

I have also discovered the joys of long-distance walking(initially to start getting fit again with a low-impact gentle-ish exercise, and not being allowed to drive for 6 months because of having a defibrillator fitted :D ).
I have joined the LDWA(Long Distance Walkers Association) and have done the Round IOW walk in 3 days twice in the last month - the first time was on my own, the second time with a bunch of like-minded lunatics from the LDWA!! - the distance when including daily transfers to and from bus stops is somewhere between 120 and 130 km, so roughly an FM a day.
This walking has really strengthened my legs(and increased my bloody-mindedness) - both gains manifesting themselves nicely into a better rowing experience.

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Re: Just rowing - or other regular cardio?

Post by Ian Bee »

Well done Paul.

I've got back into the pre lockdown habit of circuit training three times a week. Generally for CV purposes, and to hit those few muscle groups rowing can't quite reach.

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Carole S
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Re: Just rowing - or other regular cardio?

Post by Carole S »

I just walk most days but not distances like you do Paul !!! I like to use the walks to contemplate life and try to destress from recent events, I can go a bit faster since losing weight but still cant do uphills due to the meds and my bad ankle is being joined by 2 dodgy knees now which GP says is because Im moving a lot more than I ever used to and what he calls " my age" !!! Cheeky
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Re: Just rowing - or other regular cardio?

Post by Claudius »

Along with rowing and cycling, trail running is an excellent change of routine - because it not only adds a little pep to the boat (high impact sport), but also stands for excellent coordination and proprioception training. And trail running is much more fun than running on the road. Mountainous trails, in particular, train the leg muscles differently than cycling and rowing. An alternative training effect becomes noticeable. Furthermore, cross-country skiing should definitely be mentioned in winter (skating or classic, I love skating) Also here, as in indoor rowing, the entire body is stressed. The highest Vo2max values have cx ski athletes. A much too neglected sport for me would be open water swimming - but you can't do everything. I would prefer to distribute all my sports as homogeneously as possible in volume - but here, too, the law of realism applies ;-) . For once a very realistic contribution ;-) ;-) (i didnt lost my mind...for now...)
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Re: Just rowing - or other regular cardio?

Post by JonT »

Since I picked up a back injury a few months back I have decided to mix things up a bit more rather than just doing erg sessions and an occasional weights session in the gym. I have to say that I am enjoying this far more even though I am sure it is impacting my rowing performance. But, I was never going to be a world champion, so enjoyment and injury avoidance are my targets now.

I have to say my routine is not quite as varied as Claudius' :shock: =D>

I walk 8-10km every day with the dog. This is also where I get the majority of my work thinking done. I it in front of a desk all day and yet my best work is done in a field or forest!

I now do 2-3 sessions on the indoor bike, normally at UT1-2 for 30-60 minutes.

I combine all of this with two strength session in the gym which are targetted at injury prevention more than anything.

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Re: Just rowing - or other regular cardio?

Post by Kevinhorne44 »

Well done Paul on the swimming & walking 😎 ^O^ I could not imagine walking that far !!

I'm just coming to the end of 12 weeks of strength work. Its been 30+ years since I did my last proper strength programme :shock: The majority or my rowing recently have been shorter pieces with the bike-erg for warm up & cool down. I have 2 walks that I do regularly of 5 &10k. Pilates for an hour on Mondays has been a great addition.
I have no idea if its helped my erging yet 🤣🤣 but who cares I'm keeping fit & staying out of mischief 👍😁 my Deadlift is over 200kg again though 😉
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Re: Just rowing - or other regular cardio?

Post by Jill »

Well done Paul, Ian, Claudius, Jon and Kevin - I admire your energy and discipline. Such a great example to others as to what can be done to help look after your health and well being. =D> =D> =D> =D> =D>

A special well done to Carole for keeping up with the regular walking despite the discomfort caused by painful knees and a troublesome ankle. =D> =D>

For about the last ten years, my exercise mantra has been ‘ use it or lose it ‘ and along with walking, ( either outside or on the treadmill ) ergiing has been a successful and enjoyable way to improve my balance and muscle development.

I am repeating myself here when I say that before I started rowing, I could not stand on either leg for more that a couple of seconds before the wobbles set in and it was necessary to have both feet firmly back on the ground.

Over time as my leg muscles have become stronger, so my balance has improved and most days I now stand ( for about a minute ) on either leg and stretch the other leg out behind me. I usually repeat this little exercise five times and hope that I will be able to continue doing so for a while yet.

Rowing has also helped me develop some mini - mountain biceps, of which I am rather proud - Richard is used to me sidling up to him, flexing my arm and saying, “ feel that “. Poor bloke. :lol:

Work on my triceps is much slower owing to my rather slapdash way of going about it. I have the smallest of weights ( the ones that look like a dog biscuit ) but need to be more consistent in following a daily plan.

I am not very good at checking on things like cardio - my resting heart rate is usually between 58/60 and my blood pressure is fine. I have an apple watch which I wear sometimes when I’m rowing, although there are occasions when I see it as a form of tyranny, especially when it sends me ‘ threatening messages ‘, telling me that I haven’t yet closed one of the Circles of Hell. :roll: :lol:

Being in our early seventies, Richard and I understand the importance of exercise and diet and for the most part try our best to look after ourselves. At heart, we still think of ourselves as being about ... Oooh ... Twenty seven. \:D/

Look after yourselves, youngsters.xxxx
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