Nonathlon Analyser and Metanonathlon

Where should the web site go - what should we do? Who has the time between rows?

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Nonathlon Analyser and Metanonathlon

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These two tools are working but not displaying properly. For the more technical amongst you, the server which hosts the style sheet for these pages has become unavailable, it is an extremely popular site and so I am sure will return, but for now the display is a bit "raw" to say the least. Lesson learned. I will copy the required files to our server when the remote server comes back up so that we don;t rely on it any more.

Meanwhile the tools are still working, except for the bug that Iain has identified in the Metanonathlon, which is what I came online to look at.

Are we having fun yet :lol:

EDIT - As son as I had written this the remote server came back up!
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