2019/20 Summary and Aspirations for 2020/21

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2019/20 Summary and Aspirations for 2020/21

Post by plummy »

I was reminded by Max Mclaren that I hadn't started a new thread as per last and previous years on these subject - so - very much using copy and paste as it helps with the mental prompts as to what subjects to touch on:

Using last year's format (because I'm feeling lazy) I've just fiddled about at the edges for my update:

2019/20 was a disappointment across the board for me regarding any sort of decent performance

1.835 million metres is my lowest since 2006/7 season and 400k below last year so a very significant drop off

Nonathlon - 7943 points which is my lowest - ever and the first time I've dropped below 8000 points :-(
500m & 1k - 500m was possibly my best distance as I only lost 1.3 seconds from the previous year. The 1k was over 5 seconds
2000m - really poor with a drop off of 17 seconds which is a huge loss of pace
5000m - similar to the 2k with a 24s drop off and only just managing to scrape under 20:00 3 times (something I did once three times in one interval set)
6000m - 40s slower
10,000m - Like anything else requiring stamina, I bailed on 10k after 10k and didn't seriously worry 40 mins, my nearest being 40:29.1

HM - One done only (used to do these for fun) @ 1:32:23.6 - somehow these seem a ridiculously far distance now
FM - again, didn't do one and never felt inclined to try
30 mins - 7380m was my best early in the season and the first year I couldn't top 7500m
60 mins - like other longer distances, my only half decent attempt was early in the season with a 14501. Never worried 15km - 60 mins scares me these days!

I only attended one race - Devon IRC which I "came out of retirement for" as it coincided with a visit to my ex-neighbours who moved to Devon. It was one of the occasions I scraped under 20:00 mins but felt like a near death experience.

Injury and health-wise, similar to last year with no major illnesses or injuries. I feel tired all the time and never "fresh" at all though. Recovery seems to need 2~3 days but leaving that long between sessions means I'd be getting no training metres done. That sentence is an exact copy of last year.

For the upcoming season I have mixed thoughts. I'd like to get to 40 million and onwards a little bit more go to once around the planet (you can get a certificate from C2 I think)

The reset of the end of the season is always a welcome boon as anything you row is an SB. That way, at least I can do steady rows without it hurting too much and use the easier target to beat on subsequent efforts. As last year was so bad the Meta-Nonathlon might give me a chance to recoup something by competing against a "poor" me last year and in fact I have already managed to scrape 1.7s off my best 2k time so I've got one "green" in the bag

Thank you again to all the forum contributors (Jill (for the seasons millions), Rodger (for the Meta-Nonathlon), Thomas and Tako (for the technical stuff) Capt. Stan for the Global team challenges - thank you all and as a personal appeal, if there are any "lurkers" out there who read but don't contribute - please step up. This forum is where we become a "team" and share our successes and failures. With 400+ names on the meterboard I still think it's a shame that there are probably only 30~40 people who ever write anything on the forum. Don't ever think your input isn't worthy!

Thomas has said that this year might be the last that he looks after the meterboard and I know Tako is working hard to emulate his abilities in maintaining it into the future but if there are any computer wizards out there who would like to share the challenge, please step out of the shadows, your help would be much appreciated.

One last thing - this website does cost money to host so anyone enjoying the benefits of this meterboard, please look at the tabs on the forum under "About" and go to "Donations" - recognition will be given to those who throw a contribution in.

57 yrs old, 72kg, 5' 10"
38Mm metres rowed - just pootling along now

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Re: 2019/20 Summary and Aspirations for 2020/21

Post by Iain »

2018/19 was a strange season, starting after a long break. But just as I started to get a little less slow, I got a contract requiring 4 hours commuting a day and gave up rowing again. After 9 months off, successfuly restarted late December leaving less than half a season. Initially I was shocked to be as slow as I had been when starting in 2018/9 and I was 3.5kg over lightweight. A gain of 6kg!

Fortuntely the improvement was quicker, managing 228k in the WTC in January and making weight in early March. times that had seemed out of the question a couple on months earlier were beaten with only 1 of my post 2012 bests unbeaten (500M from 2015). Still have a long way to go, but very encouraged by the improvement so far.

This year I hope to complete the post 2012 best set and beat my best Nonathlon score in at least one event (an "Alltime Green". I would also like to go sub 20 on 5k.
51 year old Lwt (in ability and weight) trying to develop a technique that doesn't cause hysterics and get back to regular rowing.

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Re: 2019/20 Summary and Aspirations for 2020/21

Post by duffyoz »

Last Season I wrote
Still amazes me what other free spirits achieve. At least I am achieving more physically than I was in the last 5 years of post grad study with no exercise. After 9 weeks with the physio I am now down to monthly visits and free to erg as I like since it doesnt cause any flare ups.

Newer, higher goals for the season
- attempt every CTC from June onwards, since habits are forming this seems to fit on the weekends
- complete the beginner Pete plan (up to week 5 this week and loving it) - trying hard not to be an idiot and go too hard
- complete other concept challenges (did the summer solstice in chunks through a few hours in the morning)
- complete a HM (I believe is quite doable since SS completed)
- log times for all but FM and 100,000 on concept log book (those 2 sound just way to hard at the moment)
- work on lowering s/m to improve overall time (this gets hard :) )
This Season
Well what can I say, I had a fantastic season but the caveat is the very low base I started from. Still I have been grinding away with 2,786,426m last season all on the rower. I have just purchased a skierg so a couple of days a week will be dedicated to that with 4 days dedicated to the rower.

From last seasons list
CTCs completed with some stiff opposition in some months from the other freespirits ladies
bailed beginner pete plan at week 18 or so in favour of a different plan
did all (I think) concept2 challenges in last season
completed way too many HMs with the Crazy Bear challenge
I did log a single FM
Improved my times on multiple occasions on all distances

For this season
nab that Australian 55-59 HWt women 2k record before Australia follows the rest of the world into 10 year age groups
be selective about online rowing comps, they are a load of fun but I find myself pressured to get it done
complete the CTCs again
I can do the metanonathlon this season so hopefully will see some greens across a lot of the board (Not sure how we 'register' for that but im sure ill see it in the forum
Continue to lose some weight, come a long way but still room for more loss yet
Still deciding on the CrazyBear challenge again - it is a very solid base builder but time consuming day in and day out
If we ever get out of lockdown, compete at a real indoor rowing event, see how the nerves handle that
a 100k may be on the cards at the end of this year
Update my signature :lol:

May there be many more "happy adventures" on the erg (both rower and skierg)

Cheers, Lesley :fsbgrin:

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Friend of the Free Spirits web site 2020
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Re: 2019/20 Summary and Aspirations for 2020/21

Post by MaxMacLaren1 »

Thanks Dave. I like hearing about everyone's successes and find the plans for next year motivating.

Last season was definitely my coming of age in terms of rowing. After 2 or 3 years of steady improvement suddenly gains were hard to achieve. A quick summary of my goals is not a pretty picture although I was pleased to achieve 5 PBs over the year.

1. 2 million meters for the season. Only 1.6 million rowed because, for a variety of reasons, I had too many weeks off.
2. 8,100+ nonathlon points. A success with 8,115.
3. All green on the meta-nonathlon. I was pleased with 905 points but only 7 green. I will take Jon's advice and not leave it so late this year.
4. Scottish championships. My biggest disappointment with a time of 6:53.8 and 6th place. I messed up my training by staying on longer, low rate sessions and not leaving enough time to transition to race pace. Also, on the day it just didn't work out and with 600m to go there was nothing left in my legs for a sprint finish.
5. World Championships. Unfortunately my experience at SRIC put paid to any thoughts of going to Paris.

So a mixed year but there's always a new season to look forward to. So my goals are...

1. 2 million meters for the season and I'm hoping it will be third time lucky.
2. A minimum of 900 nonathlon points for each event (excluding the marathon). I credit / blame Louise (Shmoo) for putting this idea into my head.
3. All green on the meta-nonathlon

With the current situation I'll leave any thoughts about races other than to say it might actually be nice to have a year to focus on technique and general fitness.

Male, 53yrs, 83kg, 181cm

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Re: 2019/20 Summary and Aspirations for 2020/21

Post by Paul Victory »

Last season was definitely a season to forget for me. It started off slowly and gradually got worse until it ended up grinding to almost a complete halt. I only managed 157,353 meters in total, with only 15,430 meters for the last 5 months.

My initial targets for 2020/21 are relatively modest, but I hope to be able to amend these targets as the season goes on.

Key objectives are as follows:

1. Get back into the habit of erging regularly, with at least 2 sessions a week
2. Stay injury free
3. Reach a lifetime total of 28 million meters. This require a 'mere' 235,039 meters, but is still almost 50% higher than last year's effort.
4. Complete ranking rows for all distances up to 10k
5. Take part in each month's CTC

I'll add objectives for the nonathlon when I've some idea where I currently stand. Heading out to do some erging now, with absolutely no idea how it's going to go. Plan is to set it to 'just row' and see how long I can keep going without getting too stressed. If I feel better than expected, I may follow this by having an initial attempt at this month's CTC.

Paul V
M 67 6'1" 124kg (May05), 92kg (Feb06), 122kg (Aug10), 95kg (Sep11), 117kg (Jun13), now 98kg

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Re: 2019/20 Summary and Aspirations for 2020/21

Post by Draggon »

I love this thread each year even if I don't throw my hat in the ring much. I've always felt like the pretender in this group as I've owned my Concept2 for 8 1/2 years and the highest season total meters I've seen so far was the '16/'17 season at just over 449K (only tracking last six seasons, but tracking earlier wouldn't change these results :) ). Due to being stuck at home, I've gotten a decent start to this season so far, and I'm pretty excited about my future progress. But I also know that I'll be getting back on the mountain bike before long and that always eats into my rowing. If not from straight timing conflicts, then due to how much energy mtn biking expends.

Last season, after an extended break that started 7/5/19, I re-entered the season right after the turn of the year and slowly started ramping up my fitness again. I finished the season with just over 275K and even now am still not at my "normal" drag factor of 115. I started with the damper on 0 and over time progress it up a 1/2 notch. I do this to make sure I don't hurt my lower back which I've had issues with on occasion. But, hey, I had a wonderful row at 8am this fine Sunday morning on RowPro with 15 of my "friends" from around the world (no, I didn't know any of them). I'd forgotten how much fun a crowded field can be. There were several fast guys, then me and the two guys behind me, but it was encouraging nonetheless.

In the spirit of the thread, I'll throw my season goals out there to try to keep myself accountable:

1. Stay injury free
2. Break 310 on the May CTC (LoL)
3. Complete >500K meters
4. Participate in >50% of monthly CTC's

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Re: 2019/20 Summary and Aspirations for 2020/21

Post by fkoene »

As mentioned before, I'm not as eloquent in English as most of you so I'll keep it simple.
Moderately pleased with last season. In the nonathlon 10 points short of a 900 points average. Made it to 8090 points. Which is less then the year before (50 points) but still, it's my second best I guess (haven't checked them all).
Been doing on water rowing (in some sort of dinghy) and started working out in the gym again so the dynamic changed a bit to those things. The last few months something made me return to the ERG though. Which at least in our country won't change the next few months probably. Measures taken now will prohibit me from going to the gym and row on water before September.
This season I hope to return to the 8100 points again (I haven't mentioned the FM. Don't even want to think about it, so there will be no extra 100 points there). The shorter distances are usually the things I score the least on. Managed +8 on my 2K already. No 900, but 890 in stead of 882 the year before. The half marathon I scored exactly the same as last year, 911 (but the toughest HM i've rowed so far), looking okay so far.
In the meta-nonahlon I hope to get some more greens then this year. And approach the 9000 points. 6 points short of that last season.
Personal bests lay behind me I'm afraid. Managed one about a year and a half ago, but don't think that's possible anymore.
Want to row all the CTS's. Join the IRL again when possible. And as much challenges as possible though I don't feel too bad anymore when missing one.

I think that sums it up as far as erg-ing is concerned. Good luck and lots of fun to everyone.



A small addition: I also look at the C2 Ranked Workouts regularly. There were two percentiles lower then 80. Being in the upper range of my age group I'm happy with that. The highest one was 91 for my 10K. The lowest were 500m and 4 minutes. The shorter stuff again. Hope to score at least about the same as that this season.

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Re: 2019/20 Summary and Aspirations for 2020/21

Post by Pepe »

If this season turns out to be as successful as the last one, I shall be very happy. When lockdown began in late March and the gym closed, I took the plunge and successfully bid for a C2 on eBay. It’s a Model D with PM3, little used and in good order.

This season I shall continue with the Nonathlon, CTC’s, IRL and FMMC competitions. I’m not one for training rows so frequent challenges suit me fine. The only distance I no longer attempt is the FM.

Looking ahead, I’m hoping that Queensland’s borders will be open by November when the Pan Pacific Masters Games are due to be held at Broadbeach. I’ll be there competing, hoping to meet up with old friends and to make some new ones.

Finally, today is my birthday (86th); Hazel & I have shared a bottle of champagne and she has cooked a splendid dinner. What more could you want?
Philip Price
86 Lwt.
70kg. 178cm.
“Rather than rust, I’ll wear out”

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Re: 2019/20 Summary and Aspirations for 2020/21

Post by fkoene »

The very best wishes, Philip. Indeed something to celebrate with a bottle of champagne with Hazel!!!

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