Queensland Indoor Rowing Championships

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Queensland Indoor Rowing Championships

Post by duffyoz »

I've gone and put my registration in for my first erg race!

It isn't until June 7th :lol: . Apparently I was the 2nd entrant. I have entered the 55-59 2k, 500,1000 and mixed relay which is more of a fun event at the end. It isn't a huge event in terms of numbers. Times for events, or really the start of that event, with the number of actual races, and their start time, to be decided but roughly
9.00 opening
9.10 politicians relay
9.25 1 min
10.15 2000
11.15 500
12.30 1000
1.40 100m
2.30 mixed relay

My main aim is the 2000m, so I'm glad that's first for me. As I'm a member of the club running this we get a couple of training days at the gym they will be using. Already nervous, so I put the flyer up around the house and at work so I see it all the time.

I will update here as time draws near, and the panic sets in :lol:

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Re: Queensland Indoor Rowing Championships

Post by plummy »

That's an ambitious first event - brave lady!! Not much of a gap between then but as you say, the 2000m is out of the way first.
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