Rowing Machine Advise for a Newbie

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Rowing Machine Advise for a Newbie

Post by mhhs020 »

Newbie here, so please excuse what many of you may consider a basic question. I'm researching rowing machines for in home cardio/fitness use and looking for a water rower type as they are quiet and I like the feel. I have narrowed my selection down to either First Degree Fitness Viking Pro XL or WaterRower Club model. Leaning toward the FDF Viking for the adjustable resistance selector on the tank vs filling / draining water on the WaterRower Club for resistance change. Have read several reviews on each brand, and they both appear to be reputable and make good quality equipment. But this is a sizable investment and I want to make sure I'm picking the best brand. Can anyone share their thoughts / opinions on which might be the better selection, or possibly an alternate option? Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

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Re: Rowing Machine Advise for a Newbie

Post by plummy »

Hello MH - thank you for posting your question. Here at Free Spirits we are exclusively Concept 2 users and also limited to ergos (not Ski-erg or Bike Erg) so unless someone wishes to send you their thoughts via a PM (as you are on the forum now) you might find a lack of responses as no one here uses the equipment you are considering.
The defacto rowing machine used across the world is still the Concept 2 and it's the only machine that gives you access to all the teams and Facebook groups to allow you to "join in" (if you want to) the fun with others.

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