Devon Indoor Rowing Championships 2019

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Friend of the Free Spirits web site 2019
Friend of the Free Spirits web site 2019
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Devon Indoor Rowing Championships 2019

Post by MaxMacLaren1 » Fri Sep 13, 2019 12:53 pm

Dave, I can't let you get away with a passing reference to the Devon championships in the "What training have I done today" thread. So here is your very own thread...

The Devon Indoor Championship's is this Saturday, 14th September (for non Brits Devon is a county in the south west of England). The event is organised by Fitness Matters and it's one of the few races that offers a 5k.

Good luck, hope your arm holds out and great to see you keeping the Free Spirits flag flying. A full race report would be fantastic :fssmile: :fssmile: :fssmile:.
plummy wrote:
Fri Sep 13, 2019 9:18 am
After a week pretty much crocked with bicep tendon strain I've had a couple of goes at 5k's in the last 2 days as I've decided to attend the Devon Indoor Rowing Champs on Saturday (mainly to tie in with a visit to my ex-neighbours). Wednesday, still not using my arms I managed an uncomfortable 21:08 (uncomfortable trying not to bend my arms at all) but last night I had more movement so pushed harder and managed 20:16.0 (SB is 19:54.9). My bicep didn't hurt too much but my lungs weren't happy at all and there were 2 x small back-offs in there.
Only targeting around 20 minutes but sub 19:54 would be an awesome result

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Friend of the Free Spirits web site 2019
Friend of the Free Spirits web site 2019
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Re: Devon Indoor Rowing Championships 2019

Post by plummy » Fri Sep 13, 2019 5:25 pm

Not sure my effort is deserving of a thread of its own - but thank you Max (now I'll HAVE to row - grrrr ;-) )
I've also just learned that they are being live streamed on Youtube after 9:45am UK time! This might be the link... ... WPW2exIWIo

I'm on at 12:00 the agenda suggests

There is a raffle to win a brand new ergo as well - fingers crossed
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