A very good rowing machine?

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A very good rowing machine?

Post by Sor »

I want to buy a rowing machine to practise at home, I want to loose weight and keep my weight steady and not take the kilos again. Someone told me there is a new one rowing machine that cn train 80% of the mucles and burn a lot of calories and cost about 1800 Euro ( this price is Europe) . I search at google i found some but is not like the machine they told me.

Can someone help me or to suggest me one good rowing machine? I tryed before at gym a rowing machine but had not so many resistance, ( maybe for a woman to be perfect) and i was not satisfied.

Thank in advatange.

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Re: A very good rowing machine?

Post by MaxMacLaren1 »

Hello Sor,

A lot of people use the Concept2 model D. It's a great machine and very well made. The range of resistance is good. On my machine the resistance (called drag factor) goes up to 200. Olympic male rowers row around 135, females around 120. Be careful if rowing at high resistance because it can cause injury. Rowing uses over 80% of muscles but I do not think that it depends on the machine you use. The Concept2 model D is about 1,100e so may not be the machine you were told about. But it is excellent. Good luck with your rowing!


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