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Back in the day when I had a few metres in a season, we discussed how some of us keep our minds occupied.

Sadly, it's taken me only a few rows to get back into that and for what it's worth here's how I break down the sessions I'm doing at the moment.

3 minutes to get settled.

500 at around 2:13 pace

Check the clock and do 2 minutes at the average + say 2

500 at 2:12 pace

Check the clock and do 2 minutes at the average + 2

Rinse and repeat.

On longer pieces I used to (and probably will again) do the 3 minutes, then 1000 at 2:13, 2 minutes average +2, 900 at 2:13, 2 minutes, 800 at 2:13.

Even then the latter pieces if 200/150/100 I seem to recall as being hard.

Inspired by reading the lexicon entry for OCD.

(Should of course be CDO, which is the same but all the letters are in the right order!)
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