Student exchange

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Student exchange

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Driven by naked self interest, is there any appetite for sharing contacts etc for the sake of our children?

Being open about this, I have a 21 year old son who loves the US, has worked there the past two summers and desperately wants to stay to work and live there for an extended period. He worked in a resort in Maine and likes that area. He has applied for internships in the Boston, Portland, area, perhaps as far south as New York. His "thing" is creative writing and he has a degree in screen writing. He is looking for anything that is media related and needs creative input, including broadcast journalism.

I also have a daughter who started Uni this year and is hoping to do a year placement as part of her marketing and advertising course. She is fanatical about film and has ambitions to work in that area. She is looking for placements on the US west coast.

Any tips on organisation to contact or useful websites appreciated.

In return, I have some useful contacts in the London financial sector and would be able to put in a word if required.

I'm also anticipating a largely empty house come January so accommodation for a visiting student/young person might be available. Quiet countryside location but an hour from London.
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