Web site problems :(

Where should the web site go - what should we do? Who has the time between rows?

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Friend of the Free Spirits web site 2016
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Re: Web site problems :(

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There is always a day or two like this at the start of the season. I am sure Jonathan will update as soon as he can.
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Re: Converter page

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krisplus5 wrote: Thu Sep 06, 2007 8:14 pm Apparently, I have no interest in working today...

Noticed small typo on converter page:
http://www.freespiritsrowing.com/conten ... _converter

"Because of the international nature of the team, there is some confusion about what our body masses are. 1 UK pound is exactly the same as 1 USA pound. And 1kg is around 2.2kg. Here is a lookup table to help you understand the different conversations."

I think it should read "And 1kg is around 2.2lb." (not 2.2kg).
Hi. I was looking for the same page but couldn't find it. So I used this mass converter - https://oneconvert.com/unit-converters/ ... /kg-to-lbs to set up my training app.
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