Organising a Training Plan

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Organising a Training Plan

Post by zach.baker »

I'm looking for a fairly detailed answer from someone with more experience than me here, but any help is welcome and thanked :)
Today I pulled my lat for the second time since I started rowing, the only injury I've had other than a pulled quad and a broken wrist.
My pre season training plan is as follows:

Monday: Lower Body Strength, 2 x 5k UT1 with 1:00 rest
Tuesday: Upper Body Strength, 3 x 4k UT2 with 1:00 rest
Wednesday: Football Training
Thursday: Lower Body Strength, 3 x 6k UT2 with 1:30 rest
Friday: Upper Body Strength, 12k UT2
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Football Match or 15 x 500m UT2 with 1:00 rest

Today is Wednesday, and I pulled my lat by bending over to tie a shoelace.
My issue is that my muscles still feel tired from the strength training all the way until about midday two days after.
I have a rough understanding of strength training, but all of it comes from the internet where the primary goal is body building and powerlifting, where no cardio is included into the routine.
How can I adapt my strength training to avoid causing injuries but still maintain optimal strength development along with my cardio sessions?
Perhaps I'm training the wrong way (I usually do a mixture of low and high rep sets, but definitely more heavy low rep sets)?
Or is there a problem with my recovery?

Thanks for any help!
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Re: Organising a Training Plan

Post by Kevinhorne44 »

You have to be more detailed with your information.

4 weight sessions.
What exercises?
How many sets?
How many reps?

What does football training consist off ?

Do you just repeat the same rowing sessions each week.

Do you have some form of periodizationing in your training. What do you do in the football off season?

What is you present level of achievement on the erg ? How long have you been training consistently?
How old are you ?
How good is your sleep & nutrition?

What are your goals on the erg? Have you ever mapped a clear path to achieving them ?

Just some of my basic first thoughts.

Strength endurance is a very complex beast.

I'm sure you'll get nothing but well intentioned help & encouragement here. Get well soon & look forward to reading your replies.
Warming up
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Re: Organising a Training Plan

Post by zach.baker »

Thanks for the reply; I'm 15, my sleep schedule is fairly consistent and my diet is quite balanced and healthy but I usually eat in a calorie deficit because I'm quite large and have an annoyingly fast metabolism and I can't seem to get the calories in.
I set myself a goal of dropping my 2k erg scores by 10 seconds over this year, if it's looking hopeful I may extend this goal to 20 but it's unlikely.
Football usually consists of a small fitness part followed by some skill based drills and a 10 minute low intensity match at the end so nothing too straining.
My ergs do change a bit, for instance if I have some extra time and I'm feeling very energetic I may do a harder erg or the same one at UT1.
I've also wrote out roughly what I do in my weight sessions, although I do vary it sometimes.

- Leg press 4 x 5
- Deadlifts 4 x 10
- Seated rows 4 x 10
- Leg extensions 4 x 5
- Hip abductor machine 4 x 5

- Dumbell/Barbell bench press 4 x 5
- Tricep extensions 4 x 10
- Shoulder Press 4 x 5
- 1 min front plank, 30 sec each side x 4
- Lateral raises 4 x 10

- Barbell back squats 4 x 10
- Romanian deadlifts 4 x 5
- Rear deltoid flyes 4 x 5
- Leg extensions 4 x 10
- Hip abductor machine 4 x 10

- Incline bench 4 x 10
- Reverse curls 4 x 5
- Lateral raises
- 1 min front plank, 30 sec each side x 4
- Chest flyes
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