The Dynamic Rower is very different from the D or E !

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The Dynamic Rower is very different from the D or E !

Post by Shang-Chi »

My knowlegde so far about the DR.

I don’t know how much people actually have rowed on the Dynamic Rower !
It’s very different from a model D, which is a standard rowing machine.

I have discovered that when you stroke, you pull with your arms and you push with the legs, at the same time, in the same direction, and when you catch, your legs and arms relaxes and the handle pulls you into position for next stroke, right.

On the Dynamic Rower you can not do that !? Your legs need to both push and then pull for the next stroke. That makes it a bit harder on the legs. You have no relaxation time !? That means that latic acid builts up faster, even on slower rows !

Does anybody have the same experience ?
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