British Rowing Virtual Championships

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British Rowing Virtual Championships

Post by Tako »

As I was told that others might appreciate it I would like to share one of the experiences that I can thank the lock-down for: My first ever official rowing event, the British Rowing Virtual Championship 2020. ... pionships/

It is more than a month ago, June 27-28 but it was a great experience.

It started with me being surprised that I got placed into heat1 and had to qualify for a final on Sunday. Didn’t expect to row twice!

Than I found out that I had a Olympic rower and the famous Graham Benton in my heat. There were 5 heats for the 81 participants in the M40-49. Finishing 11th one sec behind PB in 6:54.7 I was hoping to make the D and maybe the C final. My time was however worth more than it showed as in some of the other heats I would have been 4th or 5th. So I was waiting in excitement. The first 3 always went straight to A-final so I got nervous when they announced a 6th heat later the day for all those with technical issues. In that heat FS Guy Blackburn showed up on the list. Thought he is a LWT.

And we were in the end both ending up in the B-final to my big positive surprise.
So nervous and excited I woke up on Sunday for my first ever final, and I was already guaranteed spot 40 out of 81 :-)
I took a controlled start and the fastest guys fired right away. The winner of the heat finished in 6:35.5 Image (Should habe been in A final but had technical issues I guess)
In the end I shared the 12 th spot 6:54.2 and was very surprised to see Guy behind me on the 17th spot.

I can highly recommend these type of events, which we probably will see more of this year.
There might be hick ups due to technology and as some people try to watch to mo much at the same time in their browsers (race screen, PM, live stream etc).
It was confusing that the live stream was lacking behind so you could not use it to time your start.

If you want a taste of the event you can watch the great footage they have shared
(From 44th minute you can see the B-final)

So I would say, if your equipment and internet connection allow it (one must test it in advance) you should join these virtual events as well!

And they have nice merchandise as well:

Like the events T-shirt with the name of all participants on the back.

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Re: British Rowing Virtual Championships

Post by JonT »

Great to hear from you Tako.

I’m sure others were, but I wasn’t aware of this event. I’m sure there were some technical issues but it does look like good fun. You even got a special mention in the commentary and I see you put in a strong late surge.

The kit in the photo looks great too =D>
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Re: British Rowing Virtual Championships

Post by Wolfmiester »

Nice one Tako.
2 x 2k in 2 days :o :mrgreen:

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