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Re: Why?

Post by plummy »

Stan wrote:Could we have some examples Plummy?

Female TV presenters on Bloomberg (who obviously got the gig for their presenting ability and not their looks - NOT!)

The female actresses in: Girls
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Re: Why?

Post by zootMutant »

Why does current cinematic technique frequently involve flashing scenes for less than 1/2 second each?

I find this extremely disturbing and can't watch TV or movies. (By 'disturbing', I mean that it physically affects me - my breathing increases; I get anxious; I fell like a predator is stalking me - can't really explain it.)

Anyone else find this annoying? Or is it just me?

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Re: Why?

Post by webberg »

Newsreaders and journalists who say

"centre around"

instead of

"centre on"

People who when asked "did you enjoy your weekend/trip/holiday/[insert here] say "No - Yes".

Why do people say both yes and no in the same sentence to the same question/point? Drives me nuts.
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