Wolfie says "hi"

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Wolfie says "hi"

Post by Wolfmiester » Mon Oct 19, 2015 1:28 pm

Hi folks,
just popping in to say hello.
I have not done any serious erging for a couple of years now. I still get down the gym a couple of times a week instead, and row once a month for the CTC (incredible really how the splits drop away).
A temporary goal popped up a few months ago when one of my golfing buddies mentioned the Birmingham Half marathon.
I'm not much of a runner (think tall, heavy, two cruciate ops on left knee and a compound fracture of tib/fib on right leg :lol: ) but for some reason this sparked something and I entered.
The on line training plan really helped. Starting out with 10 min, then 20 etc.
At first both my knees cried out in agony, the first few hundred yards of any run were no fun at all. But oddly they warmed up and I could stagger on.
Training went ok from then, when life/golf allowed, and I thought I was prepared for the run yesterday.
That was until last weekend when my calves decided they'd had enough and went very, very sore and painful.
A few days rest, two massages, and a tube of deep heat seemed to have done the trick, and I was lined up ready to go.
Target was to shuffle round at 11min mile pace, and aim for 2:20 (definitely under 2:30)
I'm glad to say all went well and I beat target to finish in 2:13 (just over 10min/mile), without any walking :D
I really enjoyed it, and the FS sweatband worked wonders too!
So now that is over, my thoughts are to use the erg again .... we'll see.
All the best,

Age 54 Height 6'3" Weight 96k

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Re: Wolfie says "hi"

Post by CamiCrew » Tue Oct 20, 2015 10:00 pm

Nice to see you Wolfie! Hi back.

Interesting to hear your experience with running -- congrats on achieving the goal. I'm the type who can trip on a tree root that is lurking under the asphalt on an otherwise flat paved road, fall on my face, and get a "what are you doing?" look from my dog. In fact, I did just that last time I got ambitious about running in my neighborhood.

Yes, set a few erging goals. Good time of year for it. :fsbgrin:

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Paul Victory
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Re: Wolfie says "hi"

Post by Paul Victory » Wed Oct 21, 2015 12:27 am

Nice to hear from you Steve and good to see you putting in yet another entry got the CTC. I see Birmingham City are on a good run at present - maybe this is what inspired you at the weekend.

Anyway, enough of this pounding the pavements. Time to get back to some serious erging - it's much easier on the joints! :lol:

Paul V
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