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Percentage challenge

Post by webberg »

Would the following challenge be enough to add some motivation?

Start with your season's accumulated metres at say 1st September.
For doing 5% of that balance over the month, score 1 point.
For the next 5%, score 2 points.
For the next 5% score 3 points
For the next 5% score 4 points and so on.
Each additional 5% scores one more point than the previous.

This challenge we can run off our own board (courtesy of jlemon) or we may be able to get it to ELM.

The challenge is neutral in term sof favouring sprinters over long distance as everybody needs to train.

It does mean though that those starting from a lower base are likely to be at the top of the board. The challenge is entirely without reference to speed (although I do have variations in mind that might include this).

To begin with the points will be part of the meter board and presumably as this board can be sorted by any of the columns, we can all see who might be that month's winner.

Any interest?
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