"The last workout of this season"

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"The last workout of this season"

Post by Claudius »

Hello, with this sentence I would like to say goodbye to the season 20/21. And summarize some thoughts about it. Feel free to join me with your thoughts about your season.
The last workout of this season is the smallest recovery session I sometimes row. A very unspectacular 3333m. But this season was a breakthrough for me - in terms of longer workouts. When I started rowing regularly 5 years ago, the marathon distance was far away for me - I thought it was a distance for freaks. And this season, I finally made it. I'm happy about it. I'm happy about the progress I've made: on the longer distances - which does lead to regressions in sprinting skills - but that's a necessary loss. So I've been doing some time trials over the last few weeks to fill in missing ranking pieces. The last TimeTrial I did was the 60min row on Monday. Tuesday a not so easy bike ride with some Vo2max intervals - segments ;-). Wednesday and Thursday decreasing intensity but maintaining duration as slightly cautious functional overreaching. And today only very light and short to recover in the next days. It's like holding your hand very close to a fire until you have to pull it back...a little.... Even though your hand is now further away from the fire.... but it still feels very hot. Now you have to pull it back completely. Because you have a sense of heat. As athletes, we can also develop a sense of overtraining or overreaching. Tools like HRV, TSS, Strainvalues or whatever- they are interesting, can help understand...like if you also had a thermometer and watched it go up while your hand is over the fire. But it can't replace a good feeling for yourself. To come to the end: I just want to say that I don't think I've lost my mind...using all these...apps...especially the one that starts with "Z". I still try to work out very seriously, despite having a demanding job and a family. That's why I like indoor rowing - it effectively combines time-scarce opportunities with a serious workout...and there's a fun factor too ;-)

the last timetrial...60min, pb lwt
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the last workout of this season...
last workout 20-21.JPG
last workout 20-21.JPG (67.67 KiB) Viewed 535 times
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Re: "The last workout of this season"

Post by Mike Channin »

My very last one was a normal cooldown, 2021m...

The one before, I finally managed to put together a reasonable 5k, having had a bit of a form dip in the last week (probably hayfever impact) which had ended a good run of SBs....
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Re: "The last workout of this season"

Post by Shmoo »

My last workout of the season was a very gentle 3x20min r2 with a slow SPM. This reflects my efforts to remember why I started rowing in the first place (to be a little healthier in my middle age). Like many, I struggle to fit rowing around a full on job and kids, and I figured rowing a bit more gently sometimes might help me to fit more of it in. The IRL forced me to keep at it a little (forced in a good way!), but a bit more effort in the dark winter months would have been beneficial! 6am summer months with birds singing and the rower looks good - it just didn’t in November & December!
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