4 seasons rowing....

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4 seasons rowing....

Post by jainser »

Since I started rowing I have kept a 'log' of dates, times, distances etc. Recently over lockdown (as I've had a few months spare) I've looked at the data I've collected over the years and created my own 'stats' tab.
Here are some of the more interesting (well at least to me) things I have found

My top 5 longest single distances have always been rowed in the winter months (Dec and Jan)
Out of the 12 months my best average overall months (meter wise) are Jan, Dec and Feb (Winter) and the worst are May, July and August. Same pattern on the actual months I have rowed.
My record months for metres rowed have been Sept, Oct and Dec.

Another interesting pattern I've seen are my PB times

Longer rows (30 & 60mins and Full Marathon) are all Dec.
Faster rows (1000, 2000, 5000, 6000m) are April to July.

Clearly over the cold months I settle in for the long calorie burners and the warmer months I 'go for it'

Any way thought I'd share, hope your all well.

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Re: 4 seasons rowing....

Post by webberg »

That's interesting Pete.

My log starts May 2004.

Since then the month with the most mtrs is September (925k) followed fairly closely by July (844k), June (699k) and then others.

Least popular month is February (275k) and April (388k)

I have 85 months in the above period with no metres at all!

In active months November comes out top (79.4k), then July (70.3k) then June (63.5k)

Highest month Sep 2006 at 205.9k, then July 2006 at 187.1k and then Nov 2006 at 167.7k.

All of my lifetime bests at the ranking distances are between 2004 and 2006 bar the 1k in 2011 and FM in 2020.
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