Links to some useful pages, calculators etc.
V02 max calculator

Concept 2 Pace Calculator – work out a split/time/distance.

Pace Predictor – Thomas’ stab at something to predict a pace based on two previous rows.

Roy Walter’s slick and comprehensive page of rowing utilities (Average Split, Watts/Pace, SPI, DPS, Target Pace, Rugby Test, 2K from Watts, V02 Max, Paul’s Law). Well worth a look.

Watts to Split – Convert Watts to a rowing split..

Weight/Mass converter table – to help the Europeans and Americans communicate about mass (stone/kg/pounds).

Heart rate band calculator – allows you to quickly determine the heart rate bands as defined by Concept 2.

Step Test Step Calculator – tells you the pacing for steps on the Concept 2 step test (their training guide appears to have a typo?).

The Free Spirits signature image generator, which allows you to make a customised image for your forum signature with all your PBs and Season Bests together with a comparison of them by power.

Time Zone calculator – for those of us that get brain strain trying to work out times in other parts of the World.