Welcome to Free Spirits Rowing

Welcome to Free Spirits Rowing, a friendly virtual team for the Concept 2 indoor rowing machine.

We are free (as in liberated and gratis) spirits who enjoy our Concept 2 with the camaraderie and motivation that comes from being part of an online community. Our ethos is to have fun whilst training on the erg. It doesn't matter how much or little anyone rows, or whether you prefer distance work or sprints. There is something for all. Age is irrelevant. Nobody will tell you what you must do but we warn you that participation can get addictive with our members participating in many challenges during the season. The meterboard, which takes data from your Concept 2 Logbook, is especially inspirational.

At the heart of Free Spirits is our forum. It offers a place to discuss many aspects of indoor rowing including training techniques, successes and blow outs, personal goals, challenges, or simply hang out whilst you catch your breath.

Please do come in and say hello.