Here are some of the web sites that Free Spirits find useful.
  • The Concept 2 website is the place to go for information about the indoor rower that is the weapon of choice for the Free Spirits .
  • To appear on the Free Spirits meterboard you need to have registered on the Concept 2 Logbook.
  • Many of the Free Spirits participate in the Cross-team Challenge (CTC). It's a place of pain where some of us attempt the monthly challenges and gain points for the Free Spirits team. Points mean, er, no prizes. But we do win glory and honour. There is also a spreadsheet to track the participation of members throughout the year.
  • The Nonathlon is an “age normalised” site. Race someone your age or 20 years younger/older on a level playing field. We also maintain a meta Nonalthlon which shows how you have imporved (or not) year-on-year. You can read updates about it on the main forum.
  • The Concept 2 training guide is useful if you want to achieve weight loss or your best 2000m time.
  • If you just can't get enough Free Spirits interaction than you can visit the Facebook page after you've read all the forums. right now the forums are far more active though.
  • And of course donations to help the web site are always welcome.