Free Spirits C2CTC Analyser

Rower Free Spirit Boat CTC Position Afloat? Score
Matthew Leonard (H)126Y134
JBH (H)126Y134
fkoene (H)126Y134
Ian Bee (L)126Y134
Lesley Duffy (F)126Y134
Tako (H)252Y108
Liefcat (H)252Y108
Steve Smith (H)252Y108
Jon P Taylor (L)252Y108
Ingrid Ermler (F)252Y108
Peter Weiss (H)376Y84
Simon Amos (H)376Y84
Jan Haveman (L)376Y84
Peter Tullett (L)376Y84
Louise Allcock (F)376Y84
David Plumb (HWT) (H)495Y65
Felton Humble (H)495Y65
Paul Grinham (H)495Y65
Allen H (L)495Y65
clareburrell (F)495Y65
colin bradley (H)5117Y43
Philip Price (L)5117Y43
Roger Burrell (L)5117Y43
Sheena Haveman (L)5117Y43
Brit Haugseng (F)5117Y43
Total Number of boats in CTC this month is 160.
Total number of Free Spirit boats this month is 5.
Total number of Free Spirit rowers this month is 25.
Lowest score of our floating boats is 43

View the current standings here-> CTC Participation Sheet