Free Spirits C2CTC Analyser

Rower Free Spirit Boat CTC Position Afloat? Score
Matthew Leonard (H)11Y56
Peter Weiss (H)11Y56
Felton Humble (H)11Y56
Claudius (L)11Y56
Lesley Duffy (F)11Y56
Joe Lohman (H)24Y50
fkoene (H)24Y50
Steve Smith (H)24Y50
Ian Bee (L)24Y50
Gaby Buse (F)24Y50
David Plumb (HWT) (H)35Y48
Iain (Hvy) (H)35Y48
Jon P Taylor (L)35Y48
Jan Haveman (L)35Y48
Brit Haugseng (F)35Y48
Tako (H)427N24
Philip Price (L)427N24
Allen H (L)427N24
Sheena Haveman (F)427N24
Total Number of boats in CTC this month is 29.
Total number of Free Spirit boats this month is 4.
Total number of Free Spirit rowers this month is 19.
Lowest score of our floating boats is 48

View the current standings here-> CTC Participation Sheet