Free Spirits C2CTC Analyser

Rower Free Spirit Boat CTC Position Afloat? Score
Matthew Leonard (H)136Y121
Felton Humble (H)136Y121
JBH (H)136Y121
Ian Bee (L)136Y121
Lesley Duffy (F)136Y121
Steve Smith (H)247Y110
Peter Weiss (H)247Y110
fkoene (H)247Y110
Jon P Taylor (L)247Y110
Ingrid Ermler (F)247Y110
Ron Pollard (H)358Y99
Joe Lohman (H)358Y99
Gus Goad (H)358Y99
Allen H (L)358Y99
Gaby Buse (F)358Y99
Liefcat (H)489Y68
Simon Amos (H)489Y68
Rob Greene (H)489Y68
Peter Tullett (L)489Y68
Sheena Haveman (F)489Y68
David Plumb (HWT) (H)5103Y54
Huw Thomas (H)5103Y54
Tako (H)5103Y54
Philip Price (L)5103Y54
Barbara G. (F)5103Y54
Paul Victory (H)6153N27
Iain (Hvy) (H)6153N27
colin bradley (H)6153N27
Roger Burrell (L)6153N27
Total Number of boats in CTC this month is 157.
Total number of Free Spirit boats this month is 6.
Total number of Free Spirit rowers this month is 29.
Lowest score of our floating boats is 54

View the current standings here-> CTC Participation Sheet