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Free Spirits Metanonathlon

Free Spirits Metanonathlon

What is the Free Spirits meta-nonathlon?

The meta-nonathlon is a motivational tool, based on the nonathlon of two consecutive seasons. The meta-nonathlon compares your current nonathlon scores with those of your previous season. In essence, you are competing against your former self. The scores are sorted into a Free Spirits meta-nonathlon ranking that shows who is doing the best job of improving on last year.

With gratitude and credit to fellow Free Spirit Rodger who invented the Metanonathlon and manually managed it for the Freespirits for many seasons, providing all of us with a great deal of information, motivation and enjoyment.

Position Rower Score 500 1k 2k 5k 6k 10k 30 60 HM FM Avg Avg9

Facts and Figures

There are 12 rowers who qualify for the Metanonathlon this year.

2 rowers have a score over 900 (i.e. an overall improvement on last season).

There are 29 green scores so far this season, 12 of which are dark green.

For every nonathlon distance (500m, 1k, 2k, etc.) and timed piece (30 min, 60 min) this season's nonathlon score will be divided by last season's score. The outcome is then multiplied by 100, basically giving a percentage as your score for that distance. So, managing a better score on a piece than in the previous season gives you a score over 100. The scores are rounded off to whole numbers, for easy-view purposes (showing decimals makes the sheet look messy). Just like in the nonathlon itself, the total score is calculated as the sum of the nine best individual scores (out of all 10). There is no bonus for doing all 10 distances.

All scores in the table are rounded off. The sum score in the table is the sum of the actual (ie. not rounded off) scores. This means that the sum score you see in the table can be 1 point higher or lower than the score you would get if you added up all the rounded off scores.

Note that because scores are rounded off, cells with a score of 100 can be either yellow, amber or light green.

If you haven't entered a time/distance for a piece in the previous season, the score to beat will be equal to your highest score in that previous year. There is a threshold of 5 ranked pieces though, so If you entered less than 5 nonathlon scores in the previous season, the benchmark for un-entered pieces will be set at 1000 instead of your highest ranked score.

The point of the meta-nonathlon is to compare your current season to your previous, based on nonathlon scores. If you didn’t enter any nonathlon scores last year, there is nothing to compare your current performance with. You will have to wait until next season to find your name in the table (sorry!).

If you registered at least one score on the nonathlon website both last season and this season, you're almost good to go. You can either ask Stan to be included in the Free Spirits nonathlon filter list in this thread and I will take your name from there, or you can request your inclusion on this thread. If your nonathlon user name was different last season than it is this season, don't forget to mention both user names.