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1The SBvPB Power shows how close you are to your PB in power. It will be calculated automatically when you have entered PB and SB times and then clicked (or tabbed) out of the field. You MUST use the format h:mm:ss.s for times and 0,000m for distances but it is quite forgiving. 6:45.2 and 7,654m would be fine, but it would accept 6:45 and 7654 too. If the table does not recognise your format then the SBvPB field displays a hyphen.

2These names are locked down because I hope (one day) to allow you to plot graphs of your season, life(?) progress against these activities. If you can change the label then I won't be sure that your time is for the right event.

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Preview! 7:20.2 Ha ha

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