Pace Predictor

This is only ever going to be a guide to what you might achieve. Please post any comments in the forum on the Time Predictor thread.

Tips for a better prediction:

  • Enter PBs where you were at your maximum effort or the predicted time will more likely than not be way out!
  • Enter distances that are a fair way apart (1000m and 5000m). Using similar pieces like 1000m and 4 minutes is almost guaranteed to produce wildly inaccurate predictions.
  • Make sure that you fill in every box or weird numbers will result.


Maximal PB #1. Distance: m Time::
Maximal PB #2. Distance: m Time::
500m adjustment This method of predicting usually gets the 500m wrong by around two seconds. You can leave this value as 2.0 to compensate for that. N.B. This only applies to 500m times entered above – or if you predict a 500m time.
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